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Why Holistic Office?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I remember the first time I was introduced to a chiropractor. I was in my early twenties and had a series of minor car accidents (only one was my fault!) I was hurt just enough to completely stiffen by back, making it feel like someone was twisting my skin with pliers whenever someone tried to massage it. That combined with the multiple years of waitressing, I started working when I was 15, I was a hot mess with a really sore back and my whole life ahead of me.

I will never forget her. She practiced in Thousand Oaks, CA and she had a story I’ve come to hear in various forms throughout the years. What lead her to holistic care with chiropractic medicine was when she collapsed. She was a young woman, working long hours as a busy doctor, eating poorly and living on caffeine, until one day her body gave out. This was her wakeup call that led her through an entire transformation of her career and lifestyle. She was now helping others, like me, see the light. She was happy, looked great, and was a super caregiver.

I was hooked. She helped my back feel better and encouraged me to begin taking better care of myself. Granted, I still needed a lot more self-care, but I was made aware that I need to be in charge of my health. I choose to cook with fresh foods, take supplements, even manage my migraines with diet and magnesium. I even sometimes exercised.

Fast forward many years, a marriage, two children, many cats and now a dog. My back still feels pretty good and I’ve managed to accumulate over twenty years of finance and accounting experience, mostly helping small businesses to accurately account for their income and expenses. More importantly I help them understand their business so they can stop reacting to it and instead strategically run it.

During this time a good friend called me asking for some assistance with assessing why her practice was stagnating. She had a thriving chiropractic practice that specialized in weight loss and was frustrated that she wasn’t growing faster and in fact was starting to lose patients. I assessed her situation and while helping her find practical solutions to streamline her operations I realized that practitioners like her are largely overlooked by the software industry.

She was unable to track basic things without using multiple applications or combining disparate data into spreadsheets. This took up valuable time that she could instead be spending on her patients. My competitors largely ignored the entire weight loss side of her practice. All of the practice management solutions only focused on billing and collections. What about productivity, sales and revenue, recommendation tracking, appointment tracking? All key metrics on how well your practice is thriving.

That’s when I first thought of Holistic Office. I realized that I could design something for her, and other practitioners like her. A system that is easy to use, secure, tracks patient progress, recommendations for better health and purchases of dietary supplements and products. Further, it will track new patient appointments, cancellations and no shows; aggregate practice data, staff productivity and did I mention easy enough to use so you and your staff will be up and running in a matter of hours?

And that’s exactly what I did. While I’m not a doctor, nurse, or any other type of health practitioner, I am an expert in business operations and finance. While other folks may try to sell you on their medical backgrounds, I’m here to sell you on my financial background; and listen to your concerns so I can provide you the tools you need to manage and grow your business.

Holistic Office is designed to help you run your practice. If I can save you time and money and give you important data to strategically plan, then I feel I’ve done the best thing I can do: pay forward my gift as a thank you for a life without pain and illness.

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