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You are Losing Money through your (lack of) processes!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The easiest way to save money and maximize revenue is through good operational processes.

You work hard to service your patients and earn their trust and business. But we all know revenue is rarely as high as we hope and expenses are usually more than we plan for. Why add to your expenses through poor or non existent processes?

This is one of the most common issues I see with independent practices and other small businesses. Someone in the office has figured out a way to make things run, usually by getting it done once, then copying the same behavior over and over. The business is then run by rote, relying heavily on the person who has created and memorized the processes.

This is risky for a few reasons. First, what happens when the person with the knowledge leaves the practice? Second, the process may be costing you money through inefficiencies and errors since the process isn’t regularly reviewed and refined.

Healthcare practice management starts with good processes.

Luckily there are some easy things to implement if you take the time to plan and execute. This is by no means the only things you can or should do, but it is a good start:

  1. Start documenting processes in place.

  2. Integrate your apps! The more apps you use manually, the more mistakes you make and the more time you spend on administrative tasks.

  3. Use an expense tracking application.

  4. Meet monthly to discuss processes, review practice health, and measure KPIs.

  5. Use a password vault

I can hear you now: I don’t have time, we’re running fine, I know how well my practice performs, I don’t need this. I’m sharing with you my experience. Not implementing these suggestions will cost you money in terms of over spending, patient attrition, errors, and inefficient use of staff time. More than one client I’ve worked with has been shocked at the amount of money it takes to sort these issues and have also been pleasantly surprised when the office runs smoother.

If you are just starting out, using these best practices will help you grow smartly. If you’ve been in business for a while. Tackle one at a time. Keep reading for a deeper dive into these suggestions.

Holistic Office is designed to help you streamline your processes. Through built in functions like scheduling, inventory and sales management, recommendation tracking, patient management as well as app integrations with your accounting and other favorite apps; our application can help you immediately organize your office and save you time and money.

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