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About The Company


Holistic medicine is personal to us.  As life long beneficiaries of holistic medicine and experience as business consultants, we know what your priorities are and what you need to run a successful practice.  A modern, easy to use EHR system is paramount to your success. Holistic Office is designed to be easy to use and includes features that were designed based on your needs and feedback throughout the design process.  We listen to you and strive to always be improving.  When your practice runs smoothly, we run smoothly too!

We aim to bring your office operations into alignment with the value of your services.  That's why all subscriptions include live onboarding assistance and customer support.  In addition to an extensive self-serve help library, our offices and customer support are located in the United States.  We can be reached by phone, email, and chat.

From A Small Seed

If you're reading this in your practices' office after a busy day I know exactly how you feel.  During the many years I was overseeing wellness office operations I experienced all the redundant and confusing systems of running a wellness office. 


There was so much that needed to be improved.  I searched for an all-in-one solution to make customer-first and wellness offices run holistically, and I came up short.  After years of consulting with So I created one!  Holistic Office was tailormade to solve the problems of running a holistic business and was developed with you in mind.  


I can't wait to show you all the features we've put together! 

Holistic Office co-founder Kristen Ford

Kristen Ford, Co-Founder, Holistic Office


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