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  • Can I try Holistic Office for free?
    Yes, Holistic Office offers a 30-day free trial with unlimited support for new users.
  • What if I don't have time for a demo?
    ⌚️If you're short on time, our interactive self-guided demo offers a quick and comprehensive overview of Holistic Office's key features at your convenience. Explore it now to see how it fits your practice needs.
  • Can I get a one-on-one demo with a real person?
    Absolutely! 🌿You can schedule a one-on-one demo with a knowledgeable Holistic Office team member to get a personalized walkthrough and have all your specific questions answered.
  • What is Holistic Office?
    🌿Holistic Office is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system designed specifically for holistic healthcare providers, offering features like patient management, scheduling, billing, and lab integration.
  • Do you have payments available?
    Yes, Holistic Office has payment capabilities, including integration with Stripe for invoicing and direct payments. See All Integrations
  • Can I remote onboard a patient?
    Yes, Holistic Office allows for remote patient onboarding with customizable intake forms.
  • Do you have chat capabilities?
    Yes, Holistic Office offers secure chat capabilities for communication with patients.
  • Are you integrated with Rupa Labs?
    Yes, Holistic Office is integrated with Rupa Labs for streamlined lab ordering and management. Learn how to setup your Rupa Labs with Holistic office ➡️ here.
  • Do you have telehealth capabilities?
    ✴️Yes, Holistic Office supports telehealth through integration with Zoom. Learn more about Zoom HIPAA compliance here.
  • What about pricing?
    Sure, Holistic Office pricing is simple and transparent, that comes with personal one-on-one support without long term contracts. Included in your plan: 1. 30 Day Free Trail 2. Unlimited Support 3. One-On-One Practice Setup
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